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Have you really thought about what happens when you leave your dog home alone when you head off to work or out for the night? Do you wonder if he searches for a “chew toy” of the day, only to find out when you get home, that your favorite shoe or rug has been destroyed? Do you find that when you arrive home for the day that your dog will not leave you alone … demanding constant attention, as if his or her day was boring and inactive?

As most of us are aware, dogs require a lot of attention. A few of the symptoms a dog may experience when left home alone on a regular basis are separation anxiety and behavioral issues such as excessive barking and chewing. This often happens due to insufficient socialization and exercise. Wouldn’t you feel much better if you knew that your dog was receiving the socialization and exercise he or she needs?

Are you a pet owner who truly feels that your dog is equivalent to having a child? Children have many needs, as do your pets. Our philosophy here at K-9 Kids Club is that “Dogs have feelings and needs, too!” We take pride in being able to provide doggy daycare services for pets who need something to do during the day.Ease your worries about having to leave your dog alone at home, because we have the solution for you!Visit our daycare facility to get acquainted with our friendly, trained staff.We would be more than happy to give you a tour, answer any questions you may have, and discuss a play schedule which would best suit your dog’s needs, as well as your busy schedule and budget!